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Walking in Style

September 6, 2007

Last Christmas, I bought my mom a pair of Crocs to replace the ones she wore every day to work. She told me how comfy they are and how her doctor recommended them. Even though she kept telling me how great they are, I could not get past how they look. Shoes have always been a way of expressing myself, and these shoes seemed like total conformity.

When I became pregnant, all my shoes started to get very uncomfortable after about an hour of wearing them. I was out shopping with my mom one day, and my feet started to hurt. So, I broke down and bought a pair of Crocs flip-flops. I justified my purchase by saying the flip-flops didn’t look as much like the regular Crocs. I put on the Crocs and continued shopping. I was amazed how quickly my feet actually stopped hurting and aching.

For the past 3 months, I have not put on another pair of shoes for longer than 2 hours for special meetings. I recently got another pair that has the holes in the top, and I also discovered Jibbitz. These special little decorations fit perfectly into the holes on top of any Crocs allowing them to be personalized. I know can wear my comfy Crocs and make them look like my own.