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Surprise Poopy

December 16, 2010

This morning the kids were getting ready to go to the jingle jammies party at MDO and I was going to get Skye dressed in her penguin night gown. So I whipped off her wet diaper and found Surprise Poopy Pants. Everyone else was busy getting ready for the day so there I was trying to hold two hands and two feet out of the poop and try to get the wipes that were just out of reach. I ran interference with a new diaper to try and busy her hands, got the wipes and started to clean her up. Finally, help arrived and we got her dressed. I started to put her leggings on when Skye played her finale…poop on the bottom of her foot.

I’m not talking to you…

December 13, 2010

This is a conversation between Enzo and his Aunt Sandra:
So, Skye woke up from her nap and Enzo started asking her “Skye, where’s my racetrack?”, “Skye, do you have my racetrack?” So I said “Skye just woke up, she doesn’t know.” He asked her again, and again, I said that she didn’t know. Then Enzo said, “Aunt Sandra, I talking to Skye.”

Too smart***

December 8, 2010

We have a blanket we keep on the couch to use while watching tv. As it laid on the couch, Enzo began to jump. He knows not to do this. I yelled “Enzo! Do not jump on the couch!” Enzo’s response, “I’m not jumping on the couch. I am jumping on the blanket!”


December 4, 2010

“Skye is eating yogurt off the floor,” Enzo says. “Where did the yogurt come from?” Sandra asks. We are not sure, but we get Skye to come into the living room, where we are all sitting. A few minutes later, Scott walks into the kitchen. “What is this?” he says as he notices something on the floor where Skye had been siting. “Oh, I think it is cat vomit!”

iPad and Potty

December 3, 2010

So Enzo was walking around grabbing his bottom. “Do you need to poop, Enzo?”
He continues to walk around playing with his bottom and I heard a few toots. “Enzo, are you sure you don’t need to try and poop?”
“Ok, I poop,” as Enzo runs to the bathroom. “Bring me the iPad and drink!”
I begin to laugh and tell Scott what a typical man Enzo is becoming by needing something to read on the potty, and Enzo says “I not read. I play games on the potty.”

Skye is splashing

December 2, 2010

Enzo has a hard time pooping. So when he does, he pulls a tall stool close to him to lean on to help him with his pushing. On a quick side note, Skye just turned 1 and Enzo just turned 3. So, I left Enzo in the bathroom to work on getting it out, and within a few seconds Skye heads to the bathroom too. Quickly, I heard Enzo say “Skye is splashing! She is splashing!” I walk in to see water all over the stool and Skye splashing away. I asked “where did the water come from?” Enzo quickly responded, “From my penis.”

All things funny about my babies

So, I was just thinking about all the funny things my kids say and do and how I have already started to forget some of them. To help me remember, I am going to start blogging everything funny that happens each days with my kids.
Here is a quick story from today.
Mommy: “Enzo, what did you do at school today?”
Enzo: “We just do craps.”
Daddy: “They did crafts!”