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Super Deal on Britax Roundabout

May 10, 2008

At 5 months old, Enzo decided he no longer liked car rides. He got mad every time I tried to buckle him up. Then I realized the car seat was tiny even though it was supposed to last through the first year. Enzo is in the 80th percentile for weight and 90th for height. His legs dangle off of his infant car seat and his shoulders could barely be smashed in. After talking to several friends, searching the web, and checking consumer reports, I decided the Britax Roundabout was the car seat I wanted.

Once I knew what I wanted, I began the search for the cheapest one. I found a range of prices from $250 to $189. Being quiet thrifty since having a baby, I was determined to find one cheaper. Then, I found BabyAge. For $149 and free shipping with a coupon code, I got my Britax Roundabout. The only catch was they all came with a college logo. There was about 8 to choice from and I had not ties to any of them. So I picked Arizona because the car seat was a pretty blue and only an “A” and said Wildcats.