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Mobiles Rock!

December 29, 2007

I have the best baby in the world. He rarely cries, and when he does, he needs something. So, when he started to get fussy every night about 6 or 7 pm, I was thinking maybe it was a growth spurt. I read online ways to sooth fussy babies and found a list of 11 things to do. I started to go down the list one by one. I held him, bounced, danced, sang, and rocked. Then, it said to entertain him. What entertains a 6 week old? A Tiny Love Symphony-in-Motion Mobile. Enzo has been sleeping in the room with us and never gets to play in his crib. So, when I laid him down and turned on the mobile, he was amazed. He stopped crying and began to make his adorable happy sounds.

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