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Mobiles Rock!

December 29, 2007

I have the best baby in the world. He rarely cries, and when he does, he needs something. So, when he started to get fussy every night about 6 or 7 pm, I was thinking maybe it was a growth spurt. I read online ways to sooth fussy babies and found a list of 11 things to do. I started to go down the list one by one. I held him, bounced, danced, sang, and rocked. Then, it said to entertain him. What entertains a 6 week old? A Tiny Love Symphony-in-Motion Mobile. Enzo has been sleeping in the room with us and never gets to play in his crib. So, when I laid him down and turned on the mobile, he was amazed. He stopped crying and began to make his adorable happy sounds.

He’s Here!

December 15, 2007

Ok, it has been a few months since I have posted anything. Although I was mainly sitting around my house, I did not have the brain cells to write. From what I have read, most of the blood in a pregnant woman’s boby is being used by the uterus. This causes the brain starved for blood. For me, my ability to think quickly, or even think at all, was gone. My mother warned me that part of my intelligence will go with each baby I have, but since baby arrived, I have gained most of it back.

Enzo arrived on November 13, 2007 after 29 hours of labor. I was have contractions every 2 minutes for a whole day, and even though I was completely dilated, he would not drop. Enzo was born at 9:51 weighing 7 lbs. 8 oz. and 20.5 inches. He came out perfect, and I don’t think this just because I am his mother. He was really pretty right out of the womb. Click here to see for yourself.

The first month has been exhausting but amazing. Enzo is a great baby who rarely gets fussy, but it is still difficult to wake up so often to feed him for an hour. My husband and I are working on a schedule that allows me to get a little extra sleep, and we are having a blast taking pictures and showing him off. Just 4 days old, we took Enzo for breakfast at The Original Pancake House, and about 2 weeks later, we all went to the mall.

Here are a few important things we have learned over the past few weeks. Dr. Brown’s bottles are the best. Unless your pediatrician says to, don’t change the nipple level. Level 1 is fine as long as it does not get clogged. Nestle Good Start Supreme gives babies dark green extra stinky poop. Cats are afraid of babies. Pampers Swaddlers made Enzo’s diaper rash worse by sticking to his butt. Huggies don’t stick. We have not tried Luv’s, but they are cheaper if you don’t have coupons. Hiccups either cause spit-up or spitting up triggers hiccups. Swaddling does work, and most receiving blankets are too small to do it right. Use larger square blankets or Kiddopotamus Swaddle Me. A&D ointment works better than Desitin. Moms worry much more than dads. Dads can sleep through almost anything. You really should sleep when the baby sleeps. A diaper bag can never be too big, and babies get cuter everyday!