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Jenny McCarthy on Oprah

September 17, 2007

As I was watching Oprah and playing on my laptop, I looked up from my computer to see a preview for tomorrow’s episode with Jenny McCarthy. I loved reading her book during my first trimester, and I am saddened to hear her son was diagnosed with Autism. Since I have worked in schools and have a degree in Psychology, I am very familiar with Autism, but most people can not truly understand the complexity of Autism. With a celebrity discussing the disorder on Oprah and being so open, Autism may finally get the attention needed to increase research and education about this disorder. Jenny McCarthy has already written a book about her heartbreaking story called Louder Than Words: A Mother’s Journey in Healing Autism.

Taller Stroller

As the big day approaches, I keep over thinking everything. There are many things we need to get including a stroller. We are getting a Combi car seat from by best friend. All we need now is to decide on the stroller to go with it.

Initially, this seemed like an easy task. With so many items needed, my first choice was the least expensive one. Then, I kept reading about the Combi Urban and City Savvy which are taller than the base model. The height of the stroller seems to be a main complaint I hear from new parents. For about $50 extra, I can add an extra inch to the stroller.

Manly Diaper Bags

September 11, 2007

My husband sent me a like to this awesome diaper bag. It is made by Diaper Dude. I registered for one at BabiesRUs, but they don’t carry it in the stories. This is a problem because many people in my family do not feel comfortable ordering things online, and they already told me they would just buy what they can find in stores. I really want one, and I hope someone decided it is cute enough to order.

Most of the diaper bags I found are very girly, and many look like a purse. If you are having a boy or your husband is every going to carry the bag, then the Diaper Dude bags are perfect. They have masculine colors and styling but still functional.

Walking in Style

September 6, 2007

Last Christmas, I bought my mom a pair of Crocs to replace the ones she wore every day to work. She told me how comfy they are and how her doctor recommended them. Even though she kept telling me how great they are, I could not get past how they look. Shoes have always been a way of expressing myself, and these shoes seemed like total conformity.

When I became pregnant, all my shoes started to get very uncomfortable after about an hour of wearing them. I was out shopping with my mom one day, and my feet started to hurt. So, I broke down and bought a pair of Crocs flip-flops. I justified my purchase by saying the flip-flops didn’t look as much like the regular Crocs. I put on the Crocs and continued shopping. I was amazed how quickly my feet actually stopped hurting and aching.

For the past 3 months, I have not put on another pair of shoes for longer than 2 hours for special meetings. I recently got another pair that has the holes in the top, and I also discovered Jibbitz. These special little decorations fit perfectly into the holes on top of any Crocs allowing them to be personalized. I know can wear my comfy Crocs and make them look like my own.