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Cute, Cheap Maternity Clothes…seriously!

August 28, 2007

I love to shop. So when I first started having trouble fitting in my clothes, I was excited for the chance to hit the mall. Since I am pregnant with my first child, I did not know much about maternity clothes, and I just assumed that the large department stores, like Macy’s, would be a good place to start. After eating lunch with my husband, I told him I was heading to Macy’s and asked him to meet me in the maternity department when he was done with his errands.

When I got to Macy’s, I walked around the whole store before I asked someone where the maternity department was located. To my surprise, they carried no maternity clothes. There I was waiting for my husband and no place to meet him. I called him, but his cell phone was not working. So, I wandered into customer service and asked if they could page him for me. The lady quickly replied that they only page for lost kids. With tears welling up in my eyes, I ask if it counts that I am “with child” and explained to her what happened. She finally calls a manager to page Scott for me.

After my adventure in Macy’s, I went home and search the net for places to get maternity clothes. I was extremely disappointed to find little more than overpriced specialty shops since most of my shopping consists of me rummaging through sale racks. One day, in a desperate attempt to find something comfortable to wear, I decided to try Old Navy. I was so excited to see sale racks with maternity clothes, and the clothes were not that bad looking either. Some were actually cute.

I bought a dress for $10, a gray shirt with tiers over the belly for $9, and one of the $5 flag shirts for 4th of July. Not only were the items cute, but they fit well, too. And I don’t have to worry about spending a lot of money on clothes I will only wear for a few months. The selection of the clothes in the stores is not huge, but it allows you to figure out what size you will need. Then, you can shop online were they have more items, colors, and sizes to choice from. Also, don’t rule out the “normal” size clothes. They have sizes up to XXXL which have enough room and length for your growing belly.